This is from Kit Troyer’s blog; it inspired me to talk about relative size…

The following conversation was edited for clarity. KIT: Thank you so much for reaching out. CLOVER MITE: Yeah the ‘red microspider’ thing was …


Wednesday 8/16 Photos

I’m happy to be posting mostly images as it’s easier than writing and I’m enjoying playing around with photography. We went back to the Eerie County Fair and I took more photos:

There was a museum room about the history of the fair…

8/12 Friday: The Eerie County Fair

I went to the fair on Wednesday, 8/10. This annual fair is a fun typical fair like you see in lots of movies where the person being chased goes into the fair to hide and “blend in” and there’s a chase going on or people arrange to meet there because it’s easy to hide from the cops, or in high school movies where kids are filmed on the Ferris wheel.

There’s a Ferris wheel with two on it and cool old fashioned signs of which I love taking photos:

Random person in the photo, Hipstamatic

Walking Photos Monday 8/8/22: Lake View Vacation Visit

No my photos have no feet and thus cannot walk. I took a solo walk on Saturday and got completely lost and had to get picked up. Luckily I had my phone. Otherwise it would be like when we lost Edie, our poodle, years ago and had to go around looking for him everywhere and making flyers to bring into the town. We found him; I’m not sure you can trace a person walking with no phone.

Here are photos from walking and not walking while upstate in Lake View.

Guess what this is. I’ll tell you in the next post.

Sunday, 8/7

I manifested more sunflowers.

I love photos of shadows.
My new plant named Roger.
The backdrop for the outdoor play I saw last night, “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

Wednesday: “Beauty in the Beast”

From yesterday’s morning walk in the heat in Soho:

A building that must be landmark Ed

I love store windows. I used to fantasize about working in a department store doing the windows. Barney’s had such cool windows.

Somehow this is a metaphor for Soho being changed in layers of time and you still see the old stuff if you’re looking.

I like cemeteries; they’re so quiet and calming. This one is in the middle of noisy Tribeca.

I took so many I’ll post more.