New Blog, website in progress

Hi all, thank you for following and reading this blog. I am going to move my first post of the new website over to here so I can erase the website for and start over.

It’s a challenge for me to do a website obviously as I paid for the domain and site probably over a year ago and did little with it. Anyway, I’m setting the intention of moving the blog over only with non personal posts. I will post my monthly photo essays there but anything personal will be for this blog. I realized it makes sense to have the separation to post my art for sale and professional topics and images only on that website and have a discipline where I can continue this blog with more personal posts as I have shared over the years, including being a parent, adhd struggles and the like, as I like having an outlet to write about these things.

I’ll also post links to my website when I post new things there.


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