Move on Over

I finally am getting myself to get my website going. I purchased a domain name and WordPress site and started it, then used this one until I would make the other one perfect. There is no such thing as perfect or finished in my ADHD world, so I bit the bullet and transferred all the blog posts on here to my new website. Now I’m wondering should I have left them here and started a new blog for the new website? Uggh🙄

So – either way I will probably be posting on there but it’s supposed to be art related; the age old dilemma of mixing my artist identity with my therapy identity.

I’m thinking I should leave all the old posts here and start new on the website, but I probably have to archive all the posts I downloaded and dragged over there. I’m up way later at night than usual. My early waking is totally fucked. So I’m getting the link to post here so you wonderful people who support and read/see this blog can migrate over there. I think the more personal posts will keep being here and I’ll curate the other website. We’ll see how well that goes. As y’all know consistency ain’t my strong suit but I’m working on my writing in this therapy class/group about DBT skills where I get to be a regular person and not a therapist. I work on the homework posts to be organized and succinct, not like here. It’s been good discipline but it’s time consuming editing, rewriting and making senses. This weekend’s self care weekly post I rewrote until it was positive and realistic.


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