Vacation Reflections 8/20 posting on 8/22

An old post I’m posting after exhausting drive so some of it is Adhd style run on long

Reflections on this vacation:

  • As usual, 2 weeks is too little for real vacating for me l, while for some of my clients it’s much too long, and for others it’s just their therapist taking a normal vacation.
  • I have continued to wake up without an alarm, which for me, is one of the healthiest habits I’ve acquired with surprisingly little effort. Yay
  • I’ve been often and mostly waking up very early around 5-6, 7-8, as well as sometimes sleeping in til 10. Like today, I’ve had silence and solitude and been able to do my “all of the things”, am self-care, yoga, tapping etc.
  • All of the things is a client’s shorthand for morning practice/ritual. One person does some intense kind of breathing and can hold their breath a minute or over and then take an extremely cold shower. I tried it in my studio on in a day I had a terrible stomach ache.
  • I’ve rarely hardly ever gone on the usual social media, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok. This blog has been more often and a lot more posts; it’s really just posting more than interacting mostly because I’m not engaging in the social stuff
  • Food: ice cream is a fundamental part of vacating. I take my ice cream seriously. While I can’t have the usual gluten filled cookie dough cookies etc. ice cream, I’ve been fully enjoying it. I don’t eat sugarless or Vegan Ice cream; there’s a reason the word cream is in there. Just a personal thing people are surprised about because of my weird food restrictions.
  • One can never talk too much about ice cream. It’s part of summer to indulge in sometimes daily, almost always going to the homemade Main Street ice cream place. Not eating gluten has expanded my ice cream adventure as I’m not one to have the same flavor every time. I had a great cinnamon flavor, a few other exotic ones but two days ago we went to the other place and I was struck by White Lightning
  • It’s dark chocolate Ice Cream with mint swirls. The mint was off putting but I tried it and ordered a scoop on top of plain old chocolate peanut butter. Once you’ve had that deep chocolate flavor the other scoop felt like ice pop chocolate.
  • Food: I’ve swung between a day like yesterday- gluten free overly sweetened carrot cake early in the morning, smoked salmon cream cheese on rice cake, ice cream, cucumbers, late night more carrot cake followed by potato chips to just now making eggs with spinach, tomato and a little cheese hopefully setting off a healthier food day but if not, whatever. I’ve just barely kept up the gluten free in a house full of temptations. And it wouldn’t be vacation without the usual added can whip cream on top of my usual dark coffee with half and half. The other day I had salmon avocado sushi and vegetable noodles so I’ve gone back and forth. Food has been fun and mostly social which makes it so much less annoying.
  • Drawing almost every day more this week I did different stuff than usual.
  • These are mostly journal drawings from these two weeks. Some show the date.

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