Introducing My New Blog

I have reached that fork in the road where I’ve used all the space in my other blog, titled, “Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast”, directly lifted for Through the Looking Glass”. So out of necessity, I’m starting a new blog; it’s kind of a carryover and I hope you will move with me and follow this new blog. Even though I didn’t choose to make a new blog, I also didn’t choose to move to a new studio, so, new year, new blog. Maybe there will be something new that develops from this blog.

I’m doing my morning pages in here to post daily as I was doing before until it became impossible to post. This is one of my impossible things for breakfast. Let’s eat this new blog for breakfast. Let’s enjoy it’s sweet taste, much like my favorite chocolate chip cookie.

Number 2: there’s a huge base in my apartment right here that would be hard to consume but it’s beautiful. Yum

Number 3: my sun clock

My Sun Clock

Number 4: 2 mini chocolate croissants. Usually it’s impossible not to have 5 of them…

Number 5: my tiredness and hatred of morning. I eat this whole f$7&@:;ing morning.

Number 6: my latest Tik Tok video. I think I’m one of the oldest “Tik Toker”. Can I post it here? Let’s see. Yes here it is

Since I can’t count pages here, I’m writing for 15 minutes. The usual applies. Here’s my warning: if you’re a former or especially a current client, don’t read this blog. I not responsible for you finding out your art therapist is this shocking clumsy mess of a human. Full Disclosure: you will find out things you don’t want to know. The video above covers this topic. As a therapist I prefer you knowing as little as possible about me.

Im your therapist. If you’re here, stop reading and go make your art or journal for yourself and remember, you’re the one in therapy with me. It’s about you. This here blog is my happy place to write about me.

This is the photo of the curtain of therapy that comes between you and my private life so please go away. I’ll see you at your appointment for focusing on you and maybe discussing the “Wag The Dog” you’re doing by Reade this

I have ADHD. There. If you got this far, don’t go any further. Did you really want to know that???


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